Migos Rapper Takeoff Cause of death, Migos Rapper Takeoff was shot dead at 28, the time to shine, but he lost his life


No one can predict the birth and death of people on earth. Some people die due to diseases and accidents. Some are due to sudden cardiac arrests or murders. Death will never know whether the person is at a high level or low level in his life. It will be very hard when such situations … Read more

How did Tori Lynn Andreozzi die? A woman dies 20 years later after the drunk driving accident

Tori Lynn Andreozzi

Tori Lynn Andreozzi, who suffered a brain injury after meeting with an accident 20 years ago, passed away on November 1st. She was 32 at the time of her demise. What happened to Tori Lynn Andreozzi? On March 26th 2003, Tori was hit by a drunk motorist while walking from her school bus, which resulted … Read more

How did Timothy Haley die? Timothy Haley died at the age of 58

Timothy Haley

Birth and death are the cycles of life. Even though we are leading a healthy and happy life, everyone must die daily. It is fate that God has created it. It is the essential cycle of the earth. People have to be born one day and have to die one day. But we cannot fix … Read more

How did Sean Coleman die? Sean Coleman: 15-year-old student shot dead at Northern Highlands 

Sean Coleman

Yet another child had become a victim of gun violence as 15 years Sean Coleman passed away after being shot dead. The incident took place on Friday. What happened to Sean Coleman? On Friday night, Sean was shot dead at Northern Highland. The one who witnessed the incident was Eusebio Sanchez, who said he saw … Read more

Alan Thompson Cause of death, Alan Thompson dies at the age of 76

Alan Thompson

Former Australian Cricketer passes away at the age of 76. The news of his death was confirmed by his brother Ian. The former Australian Cricketer was an Umpire, Cricketer, and primary school teacher. Alan Thompson Cause of death A famous Australian cricketer’s sudden demise shocked the Nation and its fans. His younger brother Ian Thompson … Read more

How did  Paul Pelosi die? Paul Pelosi being attacked by a man

paul pelosi

How did  Paul Pelosi die?  There is a lot of crime going on nowadays. There is another crime being flashed on TV. This incident took place in California. A 42-year-old David DaPape broke into a house speaker named Nancy Pelosi and Paul Pelosi, who was 82 years old.  The man fractured the head of Paul, … Read more

How did Mike Fanning die? NFL Veteran Mike Fanning’s Cause of Death 

Mike Fanning

How did Mike Fanning die?  The professional retired American footballer Mike Fanning died at 69 on October 30, 2022. The defensive tackle Mike Fanning spent ten years in the NFL. NFL veteran Mike Fanning played college football at the University of Notre Dame.  Mike Fanning Cause of Death: The family members announced the famous veteran … Read more

Thomas Cahill Cause of death? Famous Historian Thomas Cahill Dies at 82

Thomas Cahill

The famous Historian and the writer of the books How The Irish Saved Civilization and Desire Of The Everlasting Hills died at 82 on October 18. According to a family friend Thomas died in his sleep in his apartment.  How did Thomas Cahill Die? The well-known Historian and scholar Thomas Cahill died at 82 on … Read more

How did Dale McNamara die? Former coach of Tulsa Dale McNamara passed away at the age of 86, Cause of death

Dale McNamara

  Tulsa coach Fale Dale McNamara passed away on October 30th. She was 86 at the time of her demise. Who is Dale McNamara? Dale is famously known as the coach of Tulsa, who has won four national championships. Born in Tulsa, Oklahoma, Dale herself was a player who won the Oklahoma women’s amateur seven … Read more

Cormac Roth Cause of death? Cormac Roth, Son of Tim Roth, dies at 25

Cormac Roth

Cormac Roth, musician and son of the famous actor Tim Roth, died at 25 after battling Cancer on October 16. The family announced his demise on Monday. Cormac was diagnosed with stage 3 germ cell cancer.  How did Cormac Roth Die? The 25 years old guitarist and composer Cormac was diagnosed with Stage 3 Germ … Read more