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Frank Menetrez Wiki

Frank Menetrez Wiki:- Law and justice are very important aspects of life. Everyone should obey the laws and regulations framed by the Constitution. Courts, advocates, judges, and police are present to maintain peace and prosperity in the country. Getting those white-collar posts is the toughest thing that one can achieve. After facing struggles, moving from down to top is not easy for anyone. But people achieve these things in life and reach the peak of the Himalayas. 

One such achieved person is Frank Menetrez, who was appointed to the Court of appeal for the fourth district, comprising division two, by the Governor in the year 2018. 

Frank Menetrez Education:

Frank Menetrez grew up in Maryland. He graduated from Johns Hopkins University in three years, getting a double major in mathematics and philosophy. Following it, he went to California in 1987 to pursue a doctoral program in philosophy, which he completed in 1996. 

He had also attended law school at UCLA, where he held the position of editor-of-chief of the UCLA law review. He had taken a lot of classes regarding law topics. And he had also been bestowed with UCLA’s Outstanding Graduate Student award during his course. 

Frank Menetrez career:

Frank Menendez, a multi-talented person, had done many things before reaching the Associate Justice position. He had authored some books and taught classes regarding important law topics. Before the ten years of his appointment as Associate Justice, he had the position of appellate judicial attorney for the Hon. 

Frances Rothschild was the Presiding Justice of Division One of the Second District. He had previously worked as an associate at Horvitz, Levy and Sidley Austin. 

Frank Menetrez

Frank Menetrez appointment:

 Frank Menetrez never stopped his work and dedication towards what he learnt. He was always working towards it, bringing good law and justice around. With all his efforts and abilities, he was appointed Court of Appeal for the Fourth District for division Two by the honorable Governor Jerry Brown in the year 2018, October. 

His success was confirmed by the unanimous voting of the Commission on Judicial Appointments with exceptional qualifications. 

Hope he reaches and deserves more! 

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