Alan Thompson Cause of death, Alan Thompson dies at the age of 76

Vikas Chaudhary
Alan Thompson

Former Australian Cricketer passes away at the age of 76. The news of his death was confirmed by his brother Ian. The former Australian Cricketer was an Umpire, Cricketer, and primary school teacher.

Alan Thompson Cause of death

A famous Australian cricketer’s sudden demise shocked the Nation and its fans. His younger brother Ian Thompson announced the news on 31st October 2022. Ian Thompson mentioned that his older brother Alan Thompson was admitted to the hospital after falling. Ian Thompson said that Alan Thompson was being operated on for a hip replacement. 

While operating, Alan Thompson’s body was so weak that it could not bear it, and after a few hours of operation, he passed away.

Who was Alan Thompson?

Alan Thompson was born in 1945 and is known for his front windmill-like action and unique bowling style. He played his debut match in 1969 and his test debut in 1970. He is mainly known by his nickname Froggy. Alan Thompson was not only a cricketer but also a football umpire and a school teacher. He was married to Dianne, who died in 2015. He has a son named Chris and a daughter named Sally. He also suffered from some lung infections. 

Alan Thompson was a right-handed batsman. He is famous for taking the first-ever wicket in ODI cricket in 1971. He was the most renowned bowler of his time. Alan claimed 22 wickets in his first three matches in 1969 and 31 in the opening four first-class games. Alan Thompson will always be remembered for his bowling action and as a member of the Australian cricket team. All his fans and friends were shocked and showed their condolences. May his soul rest in peace. 

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