Amen Ama Bruce-Ghartey: A gospel musician, passed away, the cause of death is unsure

Vikas Chaudhary
Amen Ama Bruce-Ghartey

Losing our loved ones from us is a depressing feeling which is unable to bear and tolerate. But, on the other hand, life is full of surprises and miracles. Anything might happen at any time. We are still determining the next second or next breath. But one day, every one of us has to leave the earth and reach our destiny. Losing a life partner or close ones is very difficult to explain. 

One such heartbreaking news is the death of Amen Ama Bruce-Ghartey, who passed away on 10 November 2022.

Who is Amen Ama Bruce-Ghartey?

Amen Ama Bruce-Ghartey, is the wife of the gospel performer, Uncle Ato, whose real name is Alexander Bruce-Ghartey. According to the sources received, the duo got divorced earlier. Uncle Ato is a musician and an artist who has dedicated a lot of things by playing songs and Gospels. 

How did Amen Ama Bruce-Ghartey die?

Amen Ama Bruce-Ghartey, the wife of Uncle Ato, passed away last week. Uncle Ato had announced the death of his wife on social media. According to his statement, his wife, Amen Ama Bruce-Ghartey, died on 10 November 2022. But the cause of her death and what happened to her is not explained by him. It is just unsure now. 

Amen Ama Bruce-Ghartey cause of death:

The cause of the death of a gospel musician, Bruce-Ghartey, remains unsure. Her divorced husband announced it, Uncle Ato, on social media. But no sources or the media say about the cause of the death. So it remains a mystery even now. 

Maybe the near and dear are not in the state of mind to explain what had happened to her. Sending strength and prayers to her family. May her soul rest in peace. 

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