Anne Gieske Cause of death? A nursing student in South Korea, lost her life in the tragedy

Anne Gieske

No one can know the last breath of his life. It’s not in our hands. It is destined by God and him who is running the cycle of births and deaths. How horrible it will be to see the loss of our closed ones in front of our eyes. 

Such heartbreaking moments. Death is caused due to many factors like diseases, accidents, natural disasters etc. Think of losing the person who has gone to study somewhere in a tragedy. How will the parents feel for them, and why should such things happen to them?

One such heartbreaking news is about the death of Anne Gieske, a Kentucky resident, who had gone to pursue her nursing graduation and had lost her life in a tragedy. 

Anne Gieske Cause of Death:

As per the information received from various sources, the cause of the death of Anne Gieske is the tragedy that occurred on October 28, 2022. 

More than 150 people were killed in the tragedy, and Anne Gieske was the American, along with another person who had been killed. Unfortunately, Anne Gieske had gone abroad to Korea to pursue her nursing degree, and she would graduate in 2025. 

What happened to Anne Gieske?

The youngest bud, who had gone to study and shine in her career, had lost her life in the tragedy. After hearing of her death, friends and family members share their memories and condolences. 

Everyone from the college, as well as from the country, is feeling very sorry and unfortunate about the incident. 

How did Anne Gieske die? 

Anne Gieske, who was only 20, lost her life very soon. When we look at her Instagram page, she happily celebrated her last birthday by standing in front of the cake with a face full of happiness. Such a bud had an end to her life in a tragedy. Very horrible one.

May her soul rest in peace! 

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