How did Alexander Pisarev die? The real reason for the cause of death of Alexander Pisarev, Cause of death

Alexander Pisarev

Alexander Pisarev is one of the biggest names in the world of fighting games. Some people are even familiar with this name just because he has won many awards and even secured the highest position in the fighting games. But the sad news is that he has passed away. 

After hearing this news, some people eagerly wait to know the main reason behind the sudden demise at 33. In this, you will get lots of information about how he died and all the details related to his death.

Alexander Pisarev’s cause of death:

Alexander Pisarev, one of the well-known faces, died on October 30. According to his father, before the night he died, he ate a poisonous watermelon. At that time, he was in his Moscow Apartment with his wife. 

It has also been noted that his wife’s health is also critical, and he has been admitted to the hospital. But now also it is not yet revealed the main reason for his death. This is because, after Watermelon, they even eat lots of things. An autopsy is being done on his body, but the main reason has not been revealed.

How did Alexander Pisarev die?

Alexander Pisarev died from consuming a poisonous Watermelon at the age of 33. His father even noted that he was out of the house with a dog for a walk. When he returned home, his father found that the fighter was no longer breathing. Not only this, there were even fractures on his fingers, but that can’t be the real reason for his death. 

Recently there was news that in Norway, there was an outbreak of Salmonella, which was believed that it was caused due to Poisonous Watermelon only. Everyone is waiting to know the main reason for the cause. 

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