How Did Dave Butz Die? Former NFL player Dave Butz passed away at the age of 72

Dave Butz

Former NFL Player Dave Butz passed away on November 4 at 72. Washington’s commanders confirmed the news of his death 

Who is Dave Butz?

Born on June 23, 1950, Dave was a professional football player who played for the National football league as a defensive tackle. 

Born in Alabama, Dave has played football since he was a kid. He played football in high school as well as in college. He was later recruited to play in the National football league in 1973 until his retirement in 1988. He has played in 216 NFL games. 

He was named to the 70 greatest Redskins and 1980s all-decade team, and in 2014, he was elected to the college football hall of fame 2014. After his retirement, he served as a board member of the National Rifle Association in the early 2000s 

What happened to Dave Butz?

Earlier, the Washington commanders announced the death of Dave but did not disclose the nature of his death.

How did Dave Butz die ?

Dave passed away at the age of 72. The news of his death was confirmed by a spokesperson for Washington commanders, which stated that they were heartbroken over the loss of 2 x super bowl champions and conveyed their condolences to his friends and family. However, they did not disclose the nature of his death.

His teammate Joe also posted that he lost a friend and is a true gentle giant.

Dave Butz Obituary:

The cause of Dave Butz’s death is not known. The former NFL player passed away yesterday at the age of 72.

The funeral service of the legendary NFL player is yet to be announced. Dave passed away at the age of 72 on November 4.

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