How did Don Nicewonder die? Philanthropist Don Nicewonder dies at the age of 84 

Vikas Chaudhary
Don Nicewonder

Businessman and Philanthropist Don Nicewonder passed away on November 12, hours before his birthday. He was 84 at the time of his demise. 

Who is Don Nicewonder?

Born on November 13, Don Nicewonder is a known local Businessman and philanthropist.

After graduating from Emory and Henry College, He began working in his brother’s coal mine, and two years later, he started working in his own coal companies. He mostly made money from his coal business. Later he created the Virginian golf club and Nicewonder farm, and Vineyards. 

Don was also a philanthropist who contributed to several projects 

People who worked with Don for several years remembered him for his generous spirit. He was also a gentleman, a wonderful boss and a man from whom you learn so much, started his longtime employee James. 

He married his wife Etta and was blessed with two kids -Kenny, Kevin and Kim.On November 12, Don Nicewonder passed away at the age of 84. He was survived by his wife, Etta, his kids, his daughter-in-law and his seven grandchildren. 

What happened to Don Nicewonder?

According to the family’s statement, the former Businessman fell ill hours before his 85th birthday and passed away. The exact cause of his death is not known.

The exact cause of his death is not known; however, it was reported that he fell ill before his birthday and passed away at the age of 84 

Cause of Don Nicewonders death:

The cause of Don Nicewonderd’s death is not known. He passed away hours before his 85th birthday. 

Don Nicewonder Obituary:

The memorial service of Don Nicewonder will be conducted on November 17 at 5 pm at Highlands fellowship chapel, Abingdon, Virginia. This will be followed by a small gathering at 7 pm in the clubhouse at the Virginian Golf club. 

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