How did Dr Odell Owens die? A familiar public health advocate, had passed away, cause of death

Dr Odell Owens

Dr O’dell Owens is the former fertility doctor. He is also a leader in the field of health care and education in the region of Cincinnati for more than decades. And also, he was elected twice as the Hamilton County coroner. Also, he has been selected to receive the first Clara Barton Humanitarian of the Year award from the Greater Cincinnati Tri-State Chapter of the American Red Cross.

Dr Odell Owens cause of death:

It is very shocking and saddening to hear that such a humane and moral person who had done a lot of services to society and the people with his health care is no more. Dr O’dell Owens passed away on Wednesday, 23 November 2022. He died at the age of 74. The cause of death of the doctor had not been made public. It is not known what happened to him.

How did Dr Odell Owens die?

Once knowing the death news of Dr O’dell Owens, everyone wanted to know what happened to him. But no sources or information had explained what happened to him during his last duration. 

It might be due to his age or other natural causes that had taken away his life. Social media is filled with tributes and respect towards the death of such a great human in society. 

What happened to Dr Odell Owens?

Friends of Dr O’dell Owens are sharing their memories and explaining how good he was and the characters he had. Be will be missed. But it is not known what happened to him; no one of his family or friends has shared about it. 

It might be because they might not be in the state of mind to explain what had happened. 

May his soul rest in peace! 

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