How did George Rongo die? George Rongo Cause of death?

George Rongo

George Rongo Cause of death? Founder of George’s International Market dies

The loss of the rich or poor, whoever may be, is a significant loss to their parents, family, friends, and near ones. Death does not depend on the profession or passion they have. It is the fate written by God about when the living thing is to be born on the earth or when it has to be taken away from the earth. Losing an efficient businessman will be a significant loss in the market. His business skills and innovative ideas will also be burnt along with him. 

One such heart-devastating news is about the death of George’s International Market Founder George Rongos. 

Who is George Rongo?

The Founder of George’s International Market is George Rongos. He started his business by moving to the United States from Kastoria, Greece. He had a dream and passion for providing a variety of tasty foods through Fort Wayne shoppers around the world. 

And also he opened George’s International Market on Taylor Street. He traveled to Chicago weekly to get all his necessities, like meat and cheese, and produced these things throughout the year. George Rongo looked after his business for more than 12 years before his sons took charge of it.

How did George Rongo die? 

It is very unfortunate to see the post that runs on social media that the Founder of George’s International Market, George Rongo, had passed away at the age of 87, on October 16, with his family members by his side. 

There was a post from the family of Rongo’s saying, “Our hearts are heavy as we share that George Rongos, Founder of George’s International Market, passed away peacefully on October 16, 2022, in his home with his loving wife and family by his side. George touched so many, and we would like to thank you all for your love and support throughout his life. We will always remember George in all the ways we knew him.”       

May his soul rest in peace!       

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