How did Jon Brittenum die? Cause of death of Former American football player

Vijendra choudhary
Jon Brittenum

The achievements will persist forever as words or fame in the world, even the person goes. But the talents and the abilities will get burnt with them, and they will be missed every time. Death is very crucial, and it has no mercy. Losing life is very heartbreaking. How would it feel to lose the most talented and powerful people on this earth? It won’t be very pleasant. 

One of the saddest news that runs on social media is about the death of Jon Brittenum.

Who is Jon Brittenum? 

Jon is a former American League football player. He had played quarterback for the San Diego Chargers during his period. At the beginning of his career in the football sport, he had served as the starting quarterback for the famous great teams of the University of Arkansas in the subsequent years 1965 and 1966. Also, he is a white ethnicity member and secures American citizenship.

How did Jon Brittenum die? 

It is shocking to see the news that the football player with all the abilities had lost his life at the age of 78. Jon had suffered due to CTE, and that had resulted in his death. CTE is Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy, which he had been affected by and suffered from for a long time. But due to the treatment’s loss of support, he lost his life on 13 October 2022.

Jon Brittenum’s cause of death:

The people with powerful talents are dying due to diseases and injuries. According to the sources, the cause of Jon Brittenum’s death was that he was suffering from CTE. 

He was infected with the disease, followed by a head injury which had occurred during his period when he was playing football. It is a fate that even small injuries can lead to loss of life on the earth. 

Hope the football player’s soul rests in peace! 

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