How did Lisa Oredia die? Alumni of Sam Houston high school Lisa Oredia dies at 23 

Lisa Oredia

A sad time for Sam Houston high school as their alumni, Lisa Oredia, passed away in a car accident on Sunday. She was only 23 years at the time of her demise. Here is more information regarding Lisa Oredia 

Who is Lisa Oredia?

Lisa Oredia is a 23-year-old female who graduated from Sam Houston high school. There is not much information regarding her personal life, but according to the sources, she works as a stylist for the flourish curls salon. 

Sadly the young stylist passed away on Sunday after a car accident at 23. Further details of the incident are not  known 

What happened to Lisa Oredia?

According to the statement issued by her sisters under a GoFundMe account, Lisa was driving from her friend’s event when she got into an accident and passed away on November 20. There are no further details given regarding the incident. 

Many of her near and dear ones are shocked by the horrific incident. They remember her as a lovely lady. Many of her clients were amazed by her work and liked her. Many have contributed to the Go fund in her memory. 

How did Lisa Oredia die:

Lisa passed away after a car accident On November 20. She was only 23 years at the time of her death. However, further details of the incident are not known 

Lisa Oredia Obituary:

The 23-year-old passed away after meeting with a car accident on Sunday. 

There is no information regarding the funeral of Lisa; however, her sisters have set up a go fund account to raise funds for her sister’s funeral.

The alumni passed away at a young age after a car accident on Sunday. 

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