How did Mike Fanning die? NFL Veteran Mike Fanning’s Cause of Death 

Mike Fanning

How did Mike Fanning die? 

The professional retired American footballer Mike Fanning died at 69 on October 30, 2022. The defensive tackle Mike Fanning spent ten years in the NFL. NFL veteran Mike Fanning played college football at the University of Notre Dame. 

Mike Fanning Cause of Death:

The family members announced the famous veteran Mike Fanning’s death on October 30, 2022, but they did not mention the reason for it. Everyone is eagerly waiting for the autopsy result. According to reports, the cause of death will be announced after the release of the autopsy result. No illness was mentioned before his death, so his death is not because of any illness.

Mike Fanning always kept his wife and children away from the media. So only a little information is recovered from them. 

Who is Mike Fanning?

Mike Fanning was a defensive tackle in the National Football League for ten seasons. Mike Fanning was born in Michigan. He holds 164 tackles at the University Of Notre Dame. In 2009, Mike Fanning joined the University of Tulsa in the athletic department, where he worked for fourteen years. 

He never involved his family in the media, so the information about his family is unknown. Mike Fanning played 137 games in total, with 42.5 sacks and one safety.


The Vice President and Director of Athletics Rick Dickson said, “The news of Mike’s passing saddens us; He was a tremendous football player at Notre Dame and in the NFL carried the competitiveness and work ethics into everyday life. 

In addition, he was such a likable person who worked to help TU athletics achieve success.”

Twitter was flooded with condolence messages to his family. Everyone was saddened and shocked by the sudden demise of the NFL veteran Mike Fanning. May his soul rest in peace. 

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