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Natalia Steshenko is a Famous actress in a movie called Semago and was famous for her movies.

 Natalia Steshenko’s cause of death:

 Natalia’s cause of death is not yet known. She died suddenly on November 29th, right after losing consciousness at her apartment.

 Heath breaking! Natalia had a son who was ten years old, and he called for him right after seeing his mother was in her armchair on Monday, November 28th. On that day, the news declared that the Russian actress passed away suddenly at her apartment in Rostovskaya Embankment.

 Natalia’s son is a star for the Luna Theater in Russia, the capital of Moscow.

Russian media confirms that Natalia was going through a stroke and passed away. She was suffering from a huge blood clot that led to her death.

 How did Natalia Steshenko die:

Natalia was a 37 years old woman whose body was found at her apartment in Rostovskaya Embankment. Natalia’s death is still under investigation. Her nine-year-old son found his mom lying unconscious that previous evening at the apartment.

 Natalia’s son went rushing to the neighbors to call for an ambulance. Hence the doctors could not understand her death. 

 Some resources said that she became ill and that the ambulance took her. Natalia had already passed away, which was shocking. The neighbors were shocked about all that had happened.

 Who is Natalia Steshenko?

Natalia was a Russian actress who was married to Vladimir Semago. 

Natalia acted in a series named “League of Deceived Wives” and “Inspector Cooper.” Hence she was also working with Luna theater. 

She played a huge part in a comedy film. Natalia even took part in a production called “Poppies” and “Thais Shining” in the theater of the moon. During the year 2000, she participated in Miss Kazakhstan. Natalia’s small brother died during the year 2017 as he was reaching the age of 30.

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