Malaysian Footballer, How did P. Rajes die? P. Rajes passes away in a motorcycle accident

P. Rajes

Life on earth is priceless. No one can buy it or steal it. But God, the creator, and master of all living things has the right to take life from the earth. It is who decides the birth and death cycle. People die from diseases, accidents, natural disasters, sudden deaths, incurable diseases, etc. Whatever may be the cause of the death, losing our close ones is heart devastating. For example, over an extended period, road accidents cause high mortality rates around the country. 

Another famous person, P. Rajes, had lost his life in a motorcycle accident, and shocking news is ruling social media now. 

Who is P. Rajes?

An energetic football player and a defender at Petaling Jaya City, P.Rajes Perumal is the wingback of the team. He had played several matches, being a member of teams like PKNS, Selangor, Kedah, and MISC-MIFA during his career. His professional career was in 2011. Recently, he played around 15 matches in all the conducted competitions in the club.

How did P. Rajes die? 

The Football Association of Malaysia announced the heartbreaking news that the strongest and most powerful football player, P. Rajes, had passed away at age 37 on October 17, morning. He had died because of the injuries that he had in the motorcycle accident. Knowing the news, every fan of his, family members, and friends are sending their condolences to him. 

What happened to P. Rajes?

Unfortunately, P. Rajes left his family, wife, and three children alone so early. The injuries he had during the motorcycle accident had taken his life. After knowing of the death, P.Rajes’s dearest coach shared many things about him and his qualities. The football club and the co-players will miss him and his sport. The fittest football player has gone too soon! 

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