How did  Paul Pelosi die? Paul Pelosi being attacked by a man

paul pelosi

How did  Paul Pelosi die? 

There is a lot of crime going on nowadays. There is another crime being flashed on TV. This incident took place in California. A 42-year-old David DaPape broke into a house speaker named Nancy Pelosi and Paul Pelosi, who was 82 years old. 

The man fractured the head of Paul, and he was searching for Nancy Pelosi. After that, San Francisco Police investigated the crime and arrested David on the charge of life-threatening, abusive language, and other different felonies.

What happened to Paul Pelosi?

According to the Affidavit submitted by San Francisco, it was noted that this incident took place around 2 Pm. At 2:30, Paul called the emergency number 911 for the rescue. David broke into the house and entered. 

He was searching for Nancy Paul and even intended to kidnap her. But when Paul Pelosi came in the middle, David banged his head with a hammer he was carrying. Paul opened the phone, so the police could hear what was going on and he needed help. 

At the time of the attack, Nancy was in Washington, DC. After being admitted to the hospital, Paul quickly recovered from the head injury.

Who is Paul Pelosi?

Paul Pelosi is a businessman who invests lots of money in real Estate, venture capital, and consulting firms. He was also the owner of Sacramento Mountain Lion, which belongs to the United Football League. His wife’s name is Nancy Pelosi. She is the United States House representative speaker. 

The current age of Paul Pelosi is 82 years. Paul belonged to a very simple family, and his hard work has made him the most successful businessman.

David brutally attacked Paul Pelosi due to some reason. David even brought a white tape to kidnap Nancy. 

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