How did Richard Torgerson die?  Richard Torgerson, Former Luther College President, passed away

Richard Torgerson

Whatever posts we can hold, positions we can place in our lives, even if we are doing a lot of good deeds and social services, in the end, our life is taken away by God. It is destiny where we are running without knowing when and how it will happen. All these mysteries and questions lie in the creator of the universe. One day everyone will die, irrespective of our responsibility and duties. The loss of life will be a mere loss for the ones who are very close to them. 

One such heart-devastating news is about the death of Richard Torgerson, Former Luther College President, who passed away at age 78.

Who is Richard Torgerson?

Richard Torgerson was the former President of Luther College. Along with his wife, Richard held the post of President for over a decade. During their working term, President Richard and his wife did a lot of work and brought many improvements to the campus. 

The list of new things that they have brought into the campus includes Sampson Hoffland Laboratories, the Center for the Arts, the Legends Fitness Center, and the Aquatic Center. They had also done a lot of renovation work with all the new things. 

Richard Torgerson Cause of Death:

According to the information received, the cause of the death of Richard Torgerson had not been revealed yet. Everyone wants to know the reason for this happening, but no update has been seen. Hope the family members will reveal the exact cause of the death of Richard Torgerson soon.

How did Richard Torgerson die?

There is no information regarding how Richard Torgerson died. Every media and the sources are trying to know it. Hope the updates will reach us soon. As of now, it is the only information that Richard Torgerson had lost his life.

Strength to his family and friends! May his soul rest in peace! 

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