How did Ross McCuaig die? The former Dumbarton player, passed away at the age of 43

Ross McCuaig

How did Ross McCuaig die? 

Illness is the primary cause of loss of lives. Some people with strong immune systems fight against the illness and come back bravely. Even though they fight for a long time, some people lose their lives. They pass away from the earth, leaving their family and friends alone in despair. It is horrible losing the people who were with us. 

One such heartbreaking news is the death of Ross McCuaig, who died due to illness.

Who is Ross McCuaig? 

Ross McCuaig is the former Dumbarton player who had played for many years. He made his club debut in the year 1997. He had played in 18 games for Sons, creating records of one goal. Ross had also participated in the Motherwell match, which finished in a 1-1 tie before Dumbarton lost the subsequent games. He was a good football club player with all his abilities and had a specific place in his friend’s and co player’s hearts. 

Ross McCuaig’s cause of death:

After knowing the death of Ross McCuaig, everyone wants to know the exact cause of their death. According to the information received so far, Ross McCuaig had been suffering from some illness for such a long period, and it is the cause that took his life away at the age of 43. His condition is that he has aggressive esophageal cancer. Even though initially he was fighting against it, later he lost it and died.

What happened to Ross McCuaig?

Ross had been diagnosed with aggressive esophageal cancer. During the initial stages of the disease, he survived very bravely. But in the later stages, with all the efforts and treatments, unfortunately, he lost the battle and died. Every friend and family of his is feeling for his loss. 

May his playful soul rest in peace!

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