How did Steven Blesi die? Tragedy at Seoul claimed the life of a Kennesaw state university, Cause of death

Steven Blesi

The tragedy in the Itaewon neighborhood in Seoul, South Korea, resulted in at least 153 deaths, including two of which were a Kennesaw state university student named Steven Blesi. The incident took place on October 29th.

What happened to Steven Blesi?

The 20-year-old Steven Blesi was a junior at Kennesaw State University, currently studying in South Korea. 

On October 2nd, 29thpeople gathered in the Itaewon neighborhood to participate in a Halloween parade after a 2-year gap when suddenly a crowd surge began, and people were getting crushed and dying in a stampede. One of them was Steve Blesi, and another American named Anne Gieske.

His father stated that it was numb and devastating at the same time after hearing the news of his son’s death. It’s like the world is just collapsing, stated his father. 

According to one witness, people kept screaming not to push while people in the back kept pushing. As a result, some people collapsed and passed out. A club in Itaewon did not allow minors but had to open for them to save them from being crushed. The workers tried to rescue them, but there were people piled up.

The President of the United States, Joe Biden, tweeted on the loss of two Americans conveying his condolences to their families.

How did Steven Blesi die?

Steven Blesi died in the stampede at Itaewon in South Korea after a crowd surge in the narrow street. He died after being crushed in the crowd. He was only 20 at the time of his death.

Cause of Steven Blesi’s death:

Steven Blesi died after being crushed in a stampede at the Halloween parade in South Korea.

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