Hurricane G’s cause of death? Beloved Hurricane G died, and everyone is missing

Vijendra choudhary
Hurricane G

If you are a fan of rappers, then this will be a piece of heartbreaking news for you. One of the most famous and well-known rappers, Hurricane G, died. On Sunday on Instagram, his husband, Erik Sermon, declared the death of the most famous rapper. Once the post went viral, all the fans waited to know each detail of her death. She was just 52 years old, and after her death, she left behind his daughter. In this, you will get full details of the cause of her death. 

Hurricane G’s cause of death:

The real name of Hurricane G was Gloria Rodriguez. She was the well-known face of the Rapping world. But after her death, all her fans became numb. The real cause of her death is not yet revealed. According to Rodriguez’s daughter, her mother suffered from lung disease in the long run. Then also, there is no information on whether she died due to natural death or if there is any other cause of death. Her death was declared on November 6, which was on Sunday. 

How did Hurricane G die?

There is no particular news about the real cause of her death. There are lots of fans who are eagerly waiting for the cause of her death. After she died, many of her close friends shared her emotional feelings and even paid tribute to one of the most talented rappers. 

Also, her close friends have even shared some collaborations with other artists and singers. She was a very talented rapper and even won lots of hearts. Not only this she will be missed by everyone around the world. You will never hear the rapping again, but everyone will remember her singing. Apart from being a singer, she was also a mother and even played her role perfectly. 

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