Isobeel Steele bids goodbye to her character Loz, How did the character Liz from Emmerdale die?

Vijendra choudhary
Isobeel Steele

Isobel Steele bids goodbye to the show Emmerdale after her character Liz was killed in a recent episode.

Who is Isobeel Steele?

Born on December 28, 2000, Isobeel Steele is a 21-year-old English actress who rose to fame for her role as Liz in Emmerdale. She grew up in Manchester and attended Philip high school. 

She started acting in Emmerdale in 2016 when she was 15 years old, and she played the role of Liz in Emmerdale and has won many awards for her role as Liz, such as the Best young actor in both British soap awards and inside soap awards. She was also a nominee for the British soap award for best newcomer in 2016. Prior to Emmerdale, she acted in short films, commercials, and short TV series. 

After the release of that episode, Isobeel expressed her thoughts on instagram and posted pictures of the behind-the-scenes with a caption, “And that a wrap on Linz Dangle. She also added stating that she is grateful to everyone else who worked with her and to everyone who watched the show.

Sources state that Isobeel had made the decision to leave the show as she wanted to focus on her music career.  

Fans have been in tears after watching the episode but have also expressed their support and love for the actress. 

How did the character Liz from Emmerdale die?

In the recent episode, it was seen that Liz Dingle saves her husband, Vinny Dingle, from the storm that hit the village but gets crushed to the ground by a flying caravan. The paramedics came to aid, but it was revealed that if they removed the caravan, she would die. The family couldn’t do anything, and Liz passed away.

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