Lucia Colaci Cause of death? Tragic death of elementary school teacher in Lindsay

Vikas Chaudhary
Lucia Colaci

Losing a life is a great loss in the teaching line. Maybe a piece of news flashing on numerous channels related to the death of a 55-year-old school teacher named Lucia Colaci. She was a great teacher in the elementary school of Lindsay. 

The whole school is mourning their great loss due to the loss of a brilliant teacher. In this, you will get lots of information about Lucia Colaci and how she died. The death of a school teacher occurred in Kawartha last week.

How did Lucia Colaci die?

The incident of Lucia Colaci’s death took place on 31st October. According to the director of John Corraghar, Lucia Colaci started teaching 5 and 6 grades. Not only this, she has even taught class 9 during the time of the board. 

The main reason behind her death is not yet revealed, and the police are still investigating this case. It was said that she died in a road crash, but the reason for the crash is not yet revealed. After her death, she left behind her husband and three children. 

Who is Lucia Colaci?

Lucia Colaci is one of the best teachers in elementary school. She was just 51 years old and died in a car crash in Lindsay. After her death, a page was launched named GoFundme Page remembering and giving tribute to Lucia. On this page, millions of people have even joined. There are lots of people who are even noting the excellent work she has given to the children. 

Lucia’s sudden tragic demise has even shocked her husband, Jeff. The GoFundme page was founded to give financial support to her husband and her children so they can live a simple life without her. 

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