Naomi Kuria’s Father’s Death: What was his cause of death?

Vijendra choudhary
Naomi Kuria

Father is the king of the family. Every daughter’s first hero and friend will be a father. No one can beat him the way he loves and supports their daughter. They had a special bond with each other. Losing such a human from our life will be entering into the dark phase of life. It will be horrible and terrible to bear that loss. No one can get away from such a loss. No one replaces the place of a father in the family. 

One such heartbreaking news is the death of Naomi Kuria’s Father, who had passed away. 

Who is Naomi Kuria?

Naomi Kuria is a famous Kenyan Youtuber and actress who has come a long way to reach the place with all her efforts and abilities. By seeking help from great people, doing lots of work, and facing many hurdles, she reached the position where she was. Even though she had no startup to decide on her career, now she is getting a lot of paid collaboration with many clients. 

Naomi Kuria Father’s death:

She had started her career and began to shine the best in it. But recently, she published a video on her YouTube channels and social media that his father has been hospitalized and is suffering from some illness. Seeing the posts, many people were sending him wellness messages and prayers. But unfortunately, her father had passed away. 

Naomi Kuria had told in a video that his father had passed away, and that incident had led her to salvation. Many posts were there, like how his father supported them during her hard times and when she felt low. Such a great man had left her lovable daughter all alone. Every near and dear sends messages and strength to Naomi Kuria, like how she will bear this and how much despair she will be going through. 

May she get the strength, and his father rest in peace!        

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