Oupa John Sefoka Cause of death? DJ Sumbody, aka Oupa John Sefoka, has passed away

Oupa John Sefoka

DJ Sumbody, a very famous musical artist, has reportedly passed away. In real life, he was called Oupa John Sefoka, but he is best known as DJ Sumbody.

Sadly, he passed away on Sunday morning. It has been confirmed by Sum Sounds Music that DJ Sumbody has passed away. Recently this news came on the internet and went viral on many social networking sites.

There are many people who are shocked by his sudden death. Currently, people are looking up his musical artist name on the internet in order to determine the reason for his death.

Oupa John Sefoka Cause of death

In a statement, the family confirmed the news, saying investigations are ongoing and further details cannot be released.

In the early hours of Sunday morning, November 20, Opa John Sefoka died as a result of an unfortunate incident … The cause of death is still under investigation. During this difficult time, Sum Sounds Music Management and the Sefoka family have requested privacy. 

On the day of the all-white party, Oupa John Sefoka aka DJ Sumbody was allegedly shot and killed along with his bodyguards by Ayepyep Lifestyle co-owner John Sefoka.

According to Saturday’s Sunday World, he and a bodyguard were shot instantly while traveling on Woodmead road by unknown gunmen.  

According to a Sandton police officer, who declined to be named, DJ Sumbody’s second bodyguard was injured multiple times at the solar plexus and was rushed to hospital in critical condition.  

Months Mpolaye, a 2018 hit song by the musician, gained prominence and became a national hit.  

How did DJ Sumbody, aka Oupa John Sefoka died?

People want to know how DJ Sumbody died and how he lost his life. According to reports, musician Oupa John Sefoka passed away after an incident. On Sunday morning, this incident occurred in Johannesburg.

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