Ray Guy Cause of death? The best punter of all time, died at 72 due to the lengthy illness

Vijendra choudhary
Ray Guy

Health issues play a major role in taking away the lives of people. Many people die due to diseases suffering for a short time or suffering for a long time. Some people will fight against it and come back, but others cannot fight against it due to the immune system or any weakness. The person can die at the very youngest or the very oldest stage. It is horrible to hear such depressing news. 

One such heart-devastating news is about the death of Ray Guy, who was one the best punters of all time.

How did Ray Guy die? 

One of the greatest punters mentioned in NFL history is Ray. He died at 72 on Thursday morning, November 3, 2022. According to the sources received about his death, he had been suffering from an illness for a very long period, and he could not fight against it and lost his life. 

What happened to Ray Guy? 

Pro Football Hall of Famer, Ray had his last breath on Thursday morning. His alma mater, Southern Mississippi, has announced the death of Ray. Once knowing the death of Ray Guy, the near and dear ones are sharing their memories and condolences with him. 

Ray Guy Cause of death:

The cause of the death of Ray Guy is his long-term illness. Even though he was under treatment for his disease, he had lost his life. It feels terrible losing such a famous and talented person from the earth. 

He was one of the notable people in the NFL club. His death is a great loss to the family and the club. His talents and teachings will always be remembered. 

Strength and prayers to the family! May his soul rest in peace! 

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