Russ Arnott Obituary?  Former Comox mayor, lost the battle against cancer and passed away

Vikas Chaudhary
Russ Arnott

Some diseases are very crucial. Even after the development of science and technology, some diseases are not found with recovery treatments. And such diseases take away the life of a large number of people. Even young people, the newborn baby dies, suffering from incurable diseases. Losing our loved ones by suffering from diseases is very unfortunate.

One such heartbreaking news is the death of Russ Arnott, who passed away after a strong fight against cancer. 

Who is Russ Arnott? 

Russ Arnott is the former Comox mayor who had raised his family in Comox and spent his life for 26 years. He was also holding the village board member post in 2008 and 2014. And also, he had spent almost 11 years doing a lot of fees and his time to improve the standard of Comox’s outlying areas. 

He had also spent 35 years of service in the federal government service. He participated in and did numerous social works and improved the reforms. 

How did Russ Arnott die? 

It is very unfortunate to hear that such a great and sociable man has lost his life and left his social deeds to the village where he had served and lived for less than a decade. But unfortunately, there is no information or report about the death of Russ Arnott. 

Only the message and news of the death of Russ Arnott have been passed. The reality of what had happened to him has yet to be explained anywhere. 

Russ Arnott’s cause of death:

The cause of the death of Russ Arnott is not known. No sources have the exact cause of the death of Russ Arnott, even though many tried to reach the friends and family of Russ Arnott. 

Since they had lost the life of their loved one, they are not in the state of mind to explain everything, like what had happened, how he died, etc.—sending strength and prayers to the family to bear the pain of losing such a great service member. 

May his soul rest in peace! 

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