Suspect of Katie Kanyon murder found, sentenced to court by Thursday

Vikas Chaudhary
Katie Kanyon

God is the creator of all the living things on earth. It is who he has the right to create as well as destroy any things on the earth. But, humans without moral qualities kill others and co beings cruelly for revenge, fights, etc. Is the act good? The persons doing such things must be harshly punished so that such cases will not happen again. 

One such incident is about the murder of Katie Kanyon, who her ex-boyfriend murdered, and the police arrested him and sentenced him to court. 

Murder of Katie Kanyon:

Katie Kanyon, a 33-year-old lady, had been found missing. The family and friends started to search for her. Her sister learned that her ex-boyfriend, Andrew Burfield, had sent messages to Katie Kanyon’s children’s phone in his language. Her sister got a hint that Katie Kanyon had not sent such messages and that something wrong was happening. So the sister of Kanyon approached him and asked about her sister, but he disclosed no information. 

But it is a very cruel and inhumane act that Andrew killed Katie Kanyon, stabbed her with an ax, and buried her in the grave in the forest without any evidence. 

Suspect accepted the murder of Katie Kanyon:

The family members and the police were searching for Katie. When Andrew was investigated about this, he first denied that he was not involved in it. But later, he accepted that he was the one who did all the things, saying that he was responsible for the murder. After his revelation, the police force arrested him, and they sentenced him in court for the murder of what he had.

I hope he gets the punishment for the injustice done! 

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