What happened to Emily Sotelo? The body of Emily Sotelo was found after being missing for days

Vikas Chaudhary
Emily Sotelo

The authorities have announced that they found the body of the missing hiker after being missing. The deceased is identified as Emily Sotelo.

Who is Emily Sotelo?

Emily Sotelo was a 19-year girl sophomore at Vanderbilt University majoring in Biochemistry and chemical biology from Westford, Massachusetts, who went for a hike on Sunday morning but was later reported missing. 

On Wednesday, her body was found on the northwest side of Mount Lafayette. She would have turned 20 years old on Wednesday if she had been alive. 

What happened to Emily Sotelo?

According to the reports, Emily left early on Sunday, the last time her mother saw her daughter. 

But later that day, the family filed a report when Emily did not return, and the officials started searching for her. That day the weather had dropped to 0 degrees Fahrenheit. 

On Tuesday afternoon, belongings of Emily were found at the headwaters of Lafayette Brook. On Wednesday, around 11:15 AM, Emily Sotelo’s body was found on the northwest side of Mount Lafayette. A New Hampshire national guard helicopter was required to retrieve the body from the place. 

Many in her community are shocked at Emily’s death, who was found dead on Wednesday, which would have been her 20th birthday. The authorities have warned people to be more cautious while hiking during the cold weather. 

How did Emily Sotelodie die?

The exact cause of her death is not known. However, the authorities assume that Emily died after exposure to the weather.

Cause of Emily Sotelo’s death?

The exact cause of Emily Sotelo’s death is unknown, but it is assumed that she passed away due to cold weather. 

There is no information regarding the funeral of the 19-year-old hiker who passed away on Wednesday. 

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