What happened to Jordan Poyer? Health update of Jordan Poyer

jordan poyer

The players often get injuries while playing on the ground and struggle a lot to recover from them. In some cases, the players even lose their life because of the complications of the injuries. It will feel very hard to see our favorite players fighting with injuries and not coming to the ground to show their uniqueness and talents. One such news ruling the media was about the player Jordan Poyer’s health update, who suffered from injury. 

Who is Jordan Poyer? 

Jordan is a strong American player who was the strong safety for the Buffalo Bills of the National Football League( NFL). He had played football during his college days for Oregon State University, in which he was given the name as a consensus All-American. He also played for the Oregon State Beavers Football team from 2009 to 2012. According to the sources, he had played in 13 games and had 11 tackles. 

What happened to Jordan Poyer?

The players usually get a lot of injuries and cramps during their sports on the ground. In the same case, Jordan Poyer suffered an elbow injury. According to the report given by the coach of Jordan Poyer, the head of Buffalo Bills head coach, McDermott, had opened about the health update of Jordan. He told a gist about his health update, how he had recovered and what his further updates were. 

Health status of Jordan Poyer:

The head coach of Buffalo Bills gave Jordan the health update as Jordan Poyer is in the state making progress, saying that he is recovering from the elbow injury which he had been affected for so long. And hope he will be seen on the grounds soon. 

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