What happened to Quinton Simon? Mother Leilani Simon is suspected of the disappearance of Quinton Simon but has not been arrested

Vijendra choudhary
quinton simon

Every day we will be crossing a lot of news about politics, society, wars, murders, missing cases, accidents, deaths, etc. And some will hit our hearts very badly. Even the police officers involved in the cases will be very stressed and work hard to find the suspect and get his punishment. Some cases will never stop; they cannot find the suspect. In some cases, they can be easily found. It all depends on the evidence and the depth of the case involved. 

One such trending news is about the disappearance of the small child, Quinton Simon, and her mother, Leilani Simon, is suspected in the case, but she is not arrested or charged since it is not sure.

What happened to Quinton Simon?

Quinton Simon is a 20 months year old child who is not found for four weeks. The police are searching for him very seriously. But they are still vague. It is assumed that he had lost his life. And the search is now going in the progress of the fourth week. They are searching for garbage pills that they might find in it.

What do the police say about the case?

Since the police are investigating the missing case, they doubt the son’s mother, Leilani Simon, who might have been involved in the case of the disappearance of Quinton Simon. The police statement says, “We didn’t have specific information about an abduction. We didn’t have a suspect for an abduction,” also, “We didn’t have a vehicle description or anything like that. 

Amber alerts are very descriptive on when you can issue them, and we did not have that information then.” 

Even though they find the mother, Leilani Simon, guilty, they don’t have proper evidence, and they have not arrested her and charged her for nothing. 

I hope the child will be found and the suspect is punished! 

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