According to the reports, the co-founder of Amber Groups, Tiantian Kullander, passed away on Wednesday, November 23. He was 30 years old at the time of his death. However, the cause of his death is not known.  Who is Tiantian Kullander? Tiantian Kullander is a 30-year-old co-founder of the Amber Group along with Michael Wu, … Read more

Chucky Season 3 Release Date, trailer, and cast- know more

Chucky Season 3 Release

The craze for movies or series will never fade or reduce for entertainment lovers. It can be of anything to them. They love to watch series or movies as they wish for the genre. There are a lot of genres in the sources of entertainment. It can be a comedy, thriller, action, crime, romance, love, … Read more

A popular vocalist and singer, Erik Santos, is in despair about losing mother, cause of death explained

Erik Santos

Mother is the most powerful being on earth. Without her, we are nothing. She is the one who makes the world run with all her affection and sacrifice. Losing her or the absence of a mother in a home will make it meaningless. No one can replace her place in any of their lives. Only … Read more

Micah Bishop, Sheffield footballer and ‘fantastic lad,’ had passed away at 29; cause of death explained

Micah Bishop

It is saddest to hear about the loss of lives at the youngest age. The talented people are leaving the earth soon, and their loved ones are in total despair and unbearable pain. Micah Bishop, one of the top players of football, passed away at the age of 29. His whole family and friends are … Read more

What happened to Emily Sotelo? The body of Emily Sotelo was found after being missing for days

Emily Sotelo

The authorities have announced that they found the body of the missing hiker after being missing. The deceased is identified as Emily Sotelo. Who is Emily Sotelo? Emily Sotelo was a 19-year girl sophomore at Vanderbilt University majoring in Biochemistry and chemical biology from Westford, Massachusetts, who went for a hike on Sunday morning but … Read more

Ray Wieczorek cause of death? Former Manchester Mayor, dies at the age of 93

Ray Wieczorek

Some people, even after their death, will always be remembered with their deeds and services to society. Some people work hard and improve the well-being of others also, where they are living and improving the world.  It is very saddening to hear the death news of such a great man, Ray Wieczorek, the former Manchester … Read more

How did Dr Odell Owens die? A familiar public health advocate, had passed away, cause of death

Dr Odell Owens

Dr O’dell Owens is the former fertility doctor. He is also a leader in the field of health care and education in the region of Cincinnati for more than decades. And also, he was elected twice as the Hamilton County coroner. Also, he has been selected to receive the first Clara Barton Humanitarian of the … Read more

What happened to Andre Malherbe? Motocross racer Andre Malherbe dies at 66

Andre Malherbe

Legendary Motocross racer Andre Malherbe passed away at his home yesterday, November 24. He was 66 years at the time of his demise. His family confirmed the news of his death.  Who is Andre Malherbe? Born on March 21 1956, and son of motorcycle dealer Andre Malherbe was a Belgian motocross racer. There needs to … Read more

Cause of Aryeh Shechopec’s death? 16-year-old boy killed in Jerusalem bombing 

Aryeh Shechopec

A young boy of 16 years died after a bomb explosion in Jerusalem. The deceased is identified as Aryeh Shechopec. Who is Aryeh Shechopec? Aryeh Sheckopeck was the latest victim of the bombing in Jerusalem. The 16-year-old Canadian Israeli resident of Har Nof was waiting for his school bus when the explosion occurred. Sadly the … Read more

Mickey Kuhn Cause Of Death? Gone With the Wind’ actor Mickey Kuhn dies at 90

Mickey Kuhn

Gone With The Wind cast member Mickey Kuhn died on November 20, at a hospice in Naples, Florida. It was confirmed by his wife that he had passed away. Kuhn played Beau Wilkes, the son of Melanie Wilkes and Leslie Howard, played by Leslie Howard and Olivia de Havilland, respectively. Kuhn is the last remaining … Read more