How did Harvey Jett die? Black Oak Arkansas’ Lead Guitarist Harvey Jett, passed away at 73.

Vijendra choudhary
harvey jett

American Guitarist Harvey Jett died on December 21, Wednesday, at his home in Madisonville, Kentucky, where he lived with his family which includes his wife, two sons and three daughters. 

Who was Harvey Jett?

Harvey Jett was born on 17 February, 1949 at Jonesboro, Arkansas. Music was his first love in life and so he went on pursuing a career as a musician. 

He was a congregant of Madisonville’s Victory Church and an official member and the lead Guitarist of the South American band Black Oak Arkansas. The rock band is named after its hometown of Black Oak, Arkansas. 

It achieved great heights of success and fame in the 1970s. It is mainly known for its famous creations like “Jim Dandyfrom the album High on the Hog, “Full Moon Ride” and “Mutants of the Monster” from the album “If an Angel came to see you, would you make her feel at home?”, “Hey Y’all” from the album “Street Party” and many more. 

After a successful career with the band, Harvey eventually left after the album “Street Party” and dedicated his life to the church. The last album he released was “Eagles Flight” in 2016, which he released independently, and it turned out to be a great hit.

How did Harvey Jett die?

Harvey Jett dies on Wednesday, December 21, at his home in Madisonville, Kentucky. His close friend informed of the death on social media, and later the information was confirmed by his family and band members, which left the 70s rock music fans in deep grief. 

Fishing, music, his family, and his guitar were the greatest love of his life. A funeral for him will be held soon by his family in Madisonville.