What happened to Barry Round? AFL Legend dies at 72. 

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barry round

Barry James Round was born on 26th January, 1950 was an Australian rules Footballer. He was born in Nilma, West Gippsland. He played in the Victorian Football League. 

He played around 328 matches in his entire career. He received several recognitions and awards during his career. He worked as a coach from 1898-93. The AFL legend died on 24th December 2022, aged 72.

How did Barry Round Die?

The AFL Legend’s death on Saturday has left his fans in a shock. He served as Williamston captain from 1989-1991. The Williamston Football club paid a tribute to their captain and extended their wishes to his family. 

Several posts on social media were posted in remembrance of the AFL Legend. He died at the age of 72 due to organ failure. 

Barry Round cause of death:

The 72-year old footballer died on Saturday. As per the sources, he died because of organ failure. He was taken into palliative care this week. And later died due to multiple organ failure. 

He was taken to the Gold Coast Hospital early this morning, where he took his last breath. Several Football Clubs and their members have remembered the legend and extended their deepest condolences to his family. 

The sudden news on Christmas Eve has left his friends, family and fans grieving.

What happened to Barry Round?

The Australian Footballer, died at the age of 72  after battling for a week. He died because of organ failure. The reason for his death has been made official to the public. 

People started tweeting and posting after reading the news of their friend and idol on social media. 

He will always be remembered by his fans as a champion. We send condolences to the mourning family. 

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