Akshaya Tritiya 2022 Muhurat | Know the importance, puja muhurta, auspiciousness and special things of this festival.


 Akshaya Tritiya 2022 Muhurat

The year 2022 is designated as Akshaya Tritiya

Akshaya Tritiya is observed today. According to the scriptures, Akshaya Tritiya is an Abuja Muhurta, or a day when no auspicious work or purchases are to be made. Without any auspicious period, any form of auspicious work can be begun. Every year on the third day of Shukla Paksha of Vaishakh month, according to the Hindu calendar, the festival of Akshaya Tritiya is observed. The festival will be held on May 3rd this year. Akha Teej is another name for the Akshaya Tritiya festival. Akshay refers to something that never rots or dies.

On the day of Akshaya Tritiya, it is thought that auspicious shopping or auspicious work will grow. There is never a scarcity of auspicious results on Akshaya Tritiya by doing auspicious activities, donating, bathing, and chanting, for example. Gold jewelry, on the other hand, is exclusively purchased on the day of Akshaya Tritiya. It is thought that by purchasing gold and silver jewelry on this day, a person will receive Mother Lakshmi’s blessings, resulting in a life full of happiness, wealth, and grandeur. Please explain the significance and unique features of Akshaya Tritiya.

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