How to David Hammer Die? What happened to David Hammer?

How to David Hammer Die

DA-elect for Pottawatomie and Lincoln counties David Hammer dead by a heart attack on Sunday As per a social media post by his family, David Hammer, who recently won the campaign for district attorney in Pottawat and Lincoln regions, passed away on Sunday. David Hammer died after the age of 47. On David Hammer’s Facebook … Read more

Zook Ema passed away due to cancer, Death, Obituary, Passed Away

Zook Ema passed away due to cancer

This is very sad news as we heard that great person and player ‘Zook’ Ema passed away at age 58. 58 is not a big age, and for players, it is not at all old.  They remain young throughout their life as they are very energetic, but we can do when someone catches disease then … Read more

Yasmin Oukhellou is in intensive care after a deadly car crash

Yasmin Oukhellou is in intensive care after a deadly car crash

TV personality Yasmin Oukhellou is admitted to intensive care after a deadly car crash in Turkey, which also took the life of her ex-boyfriend, Jake McLean. According to sources, the car left the track of the road and went over to the side of a cliff as Jake lost control while driving. Emergency help service … Read more

Since the video of Jalen Walker dead in a tragic police shooting is posted, Ohio’s city prepares for protesters rally

Since the video of Jalen Walker dead

Jalen Walker, a Black guy, is shown being shot and killed by Akron police in a video. When Akron police chased a Black man on foot and shot him in a firefight, the guy was wounded, but cops thought he had shot at them earlier from a car and thought he was about to fire … Read more

Who is Noah Madrano? and what are the charges against him?

Who is Noah Madrano

Noah Madrano was arrested after he was found guilty of enticing a missing Edmonton teen. The teen girl was found in Oregon City,  thousands of miles away from where she went disappeared. According to authorities, the Oregon man arrested after police found a missing Edmonton child will probably appear in court on Tuesday. Her family … Read more

Who is Julia Budzinski? And what has happened to her?

Who is Julia Budzinski

The passing of Julia Budzinski, a student at the school who passed away on July 2, has devastated the whole Glen Allen community. Julia lost her balance while riding her tube and drowned in the river. No other information has been made public. According to sources, she studied at Glen Allen High School in Virginia … Read more

Is murderer George Yzaguirre dead?

Is murderer George Yzaguirre dead

A murder convict George Yzaguirre has reportedly died by suicide He was punished with a life sentence for killing his roommate and lifelong pal, David Isner, and 63 years old Ed Fuller. David was murdered on 28 November, and authorities found his body in a clearing near Lake Michigan; he was stabbed over 70 times, … Read more

Who is Jayland Walker? And what has happened to him?

Who is Jayland Walker

Police in Akron show footage of them pursuing and shooting Jayland Walker. As per officials, a Black man appeared helpless while Akron police pursued him on walking and shot him in a shower of gunfire, but cops thought he had aimed at them previously from a truck and worried he was about to fire again. … Read more

Wimbledon 2022: England’s flame Cameron Norrie defeats Tommy Paul to advance to the quarter-finals strikingly

Wimbledon 2022

Cameron Norrie asked the British audience to express their full support for him even more loudly when he became the final local contestant in the Wimbledon singles tournament. Norrie was cheered on by a massive audience on Track One as he defeated American Tommy Paul 6-4 7-5 6-4 to go to his maiden Grand Slam … Read more

Sonya Peterson Cause of Death, Obituary, Dies, Passed Away

Sonya Peterson Cause of Death

What caused businesswoman Sonya Peterson to die? Sonya Peterson was rated amongst the top 1% of Coldwell Banker Agents Nationwide. Sonia, a Colorado native, is well-versed in the Denver space market. Sonia has a strong passion for real estate and seems to be in the real estate industry.  Her market knowledge, strong negotiating skills, efficiency, … Read more