Jô Soares: Who was he? What happened to him?

Jô Soares: Who was he?

How did Jô Soares die? In the early hours of Friday morning in Sao Paulo, Jô Soares, one of the most famous comedians and television personalities in Brazil, passed away. He was 84. According to information provided by the Sirio Libanes hospital in Sao Paulo, Soares had been admitted to the facility on July 28 … Read more

John Rensenbrink: Who was he? What happened to him?

John Rensenbrink: Who was he? What happened to him?

How did John Rensenbrink die? The co-founder of the Green Party of the United States, political scientist, and conservationist John Rensenbrink, has passed away. He was 93 years old. He died in hospice with his family by his side, according to the Green Party of Canada’s official account of events.  Rensenbrink died on July 30, … Read more

How did  Diego Bertie Die? What has happened to him?

Diego Bertie Die

How did  Diego Bertie Die?  Diego Bertie, 54, an actor and vocalist, died on August 5, 2022.  There is his family caused no confirmation of his death. However, there are speculations that He died when he fell from his house’s 14th floor. He was declared brain dead merely minutes after being admitted to a hospital. … Read more

Who is Cortez Rice? And what has happened to him?

Who is Cortez Rice? 

Who is Cortez Rice?  A teenager has been accused of the death of a lady who got killed in a shootout in Morris, Illinois, on Thursday. Beverly A. Lambert, 25, of Shorewood, was killed in the mishap, as reported by the authorities.  Lambert was rushed to the local  Hospital after she got injured in a … Read more

Michael Morgan fatally shot a McDonald’s employee over cold fries

Michael Morgan fatally shot a McDonald's employee over cold fries.

Who is Michael morgan? And what are the charges against him? Michael Morgan has been in the news ever since he attacked a McDonald’s employee over something as trivial as cold fries. He shot him through the neck. Matthew Webb, a 23-year-old worker, was identified as having “fallen victim to his concussions.” What exactly happened? … Read more

Who is Quinton Tellis? What did Quinton Tellis do?

Who is Quinton Tellis

Who was murdered by Quinton Tellis? A student at the University of Louisiana at Monroe, Jessica Chambers was burned to death in 2015, and Quinton Tellis is suspected of her murder. He also killed Ming-Chen Hsiao, who was another of his victims. Tellis has made multiple appearances in legal procedures. The jury, on the other hand, has … Read more