How did Yoichi Sai die? Japanese director Yoichi Sai dies at 73 

Yoichi Sai

Yoichi Sai, a well-known Japanese director, passed away at his home in Tokyo on Sunday. He was 73 years old at the time of his death.

Who is Yoichi Sai?

Born on July 6, 1949, Yoichi Sai was a film director known for directing the film Chi to Hone. He studied photography in college and entered the film industry as a lighting assistant. 

He then began working as an assistant director in Nagisa Oshima’s film Ai no Korida and, in 1983, made his debut as the director with the film Jukkai no Mosukiito.

His film All under the moon caught a lot of attention and won numerous awards. In 2004 his film Blood and Bones bagged him the best director award at the Japan academy awards. 

He also acted in Oshima’s film Gohatto. He was also the president and director of the guild of Japan from 2004 until this year. The last film he directed was Kamui Gaiden in 2009. Sadly the Japanese director took his last breath at the age of 73 after battling cancer 

What happened to Yoichi Sai?

In January 2022, the Japanese director announced publicly that he was diagnosed with bladder cancer and passed away at his home in Tokyo on November 27. He was 73 years at the time of his demise 

How did Yoichi Sai die?

Yoichi Sai passed away after battling cancer on November 27 at his home in Tokyo. He was 73 years old at the time of his death. 

Cause of Yoichi Sai Death:

At the age of 73 years, Yoichi Sai passed away due to cancer at his home in Tokyo. 

There is not much information regarding the funeral of the Japanese director, but it is reported his funeral will be attended only by his close relatives. 


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