Covid-19 वैक्सीन लगवाने वालों को सरकार दे रही है 5000 रुपये जीतने का मौका

The government is giving a chance to win 5000 rupees to those who get the Covid-19 vaccine

The Coronavirus has begun to spread across the country once more. As a result, attempts are currently being made to provide vaccines to a growing number of individuals worldwide. The government is not only providing vaccines to the public, but it is also educating them about the need for vaccination.

The government is attempting to get people to vaccinate themselves in whatever manner possible. To speed up the vaccination procedure, the Modi government has launched a contest in which people who receive the vaccine will be entered to win 5000 rupees. Let me explain what this concert is about and how you can win 5000 rupees by attending it.

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