A shop named Binley Mega Chippy became famous due to viral TikTok.

Binley Mega Chippy is a shop that went viral on TikTok; here is how its customers increased due to it.

How did Binley Mega Chippy become famous?

Binley Mega Chippy was formed in 2004; they provide a variety of snacks to the locals. The shop went viral after a song about it was featured on Harry Hill’s TV Burp. Gen Z’s have been eager to try chips from this shop. A Tiktok user made a video regarding this shop as one of the best takeaway places. Then another account made a jingle about the shop. 

The reviews of the customers of Binley Mega Chippy were not that satisfactory. Customers say that their chips were fresh but flaky too. Their food is not that tasty, but the portion size is decent. Many people who come here mostly come to see the shop with their own eyes. People from Manchester, Leicester, and London come here mostly to take pictures of the shop and see the famous shop with their eyes. 

Firstly, some shop staff and owners did not know how their sales went up suddenly; they slowly found out that these sales were coming from a viral TikTok. Some fans went on Twitter to express their views on the food and service of Binley Mega Chippy. 

One customer named Rachel said that when they were in the middle of the dense mountains, they heard people talking about this shop, and that’s when they decided they had to try it. The name of one of the meals is Mobrius which consists of fish, chips and peas, and a complimentary drink.

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