Banbridge David Hanna tragic death, which took place on his vacation

David Hanna, a native of New Ireland, is dead. He vacationed in Spain and stayed in a four-star Palmanova hotel in Majorca, Spain. It is reported that he died by drowning in the pool, although the lifeguards took him out of the pool at the moment but couldn’t rescue him or give him CPR, which resulted in his sudden death.

How did David Hanna’s death happen?

It is reported that he was in Spain for his vacation. He was spending his quality time there. The first day of his vacation turns out to be his last day. Few of the guests in the hotel reported to the hotel staff that they saw a man drowning in the pool, and the staff immediately took action on that. 

They took him out of the pool and tried to save him and give him CPR but eventually, it didn’t take place cause he was already dead at that very moment. The police took his body for proceeding with the investigation and for post-mortem. The police said that no foul play had been found, but still, the investigation is going on for the whole report to present in front of the court.

David Hanna’s family:

David Hanna had three children of his own, Sophie, Jack, and Rachel. His whole family is traumatized and devastated by his loss. It was a premature death that was led by a tragic incident. 

They didn’t expect or wish that for him. He was a decent man who was also part of his Banbridge academy. He worked as a caretaker there. People showed their sorrow by posting on social media, including his daughter Rachel Hanna. 

His co-worker, who used to work with him in Banbridge academies, said he was a really helpful man who was always there for a person in his need. Now his legacy will be carried by his children, Sophie, Jack, and Rachel.

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