Bruno Falcon “Pop ‘N Taco” died on Saturday, Cause of Death, Obituary

Bruno Falcon “Pop ‘N Taco” died on Saturday – He was a legendary actor. Everyone likes his role and acting. And in 1984, he was the star of a great film named Breakin’; nowadays, we have seen many actors in the film industry, but when we closely observe, they don’t even know how to act. They are in the film industry just because they are good-looking or they had a godfather. 

Still, when we talk about this kind of old actors, they are highly talented, and they also respect everyone included in filmmaking and give them a role. Still, today none of the actors are grateful for everyone and the audience. There is a vast difference, and now when Bruno’ Pop N Taco’ Falcon dies, we cannot see him anymore.

People confirmed his death:-

He has a sister he loves very much. Of course, every brother loves his sister. So when his sister heard the news of his death, she was heartbroken.

However, still, she cleared and confirmed on social media the death of his brother as she said that his brother Bruno’ Pop N Taco’ Falcon died of natural causes near Long Beach, California. His sister’s name is Diana Wolgamott. And condolence is also given by many others. 

His friend’s family also shared the news of his death to the world as a very close friend, Toni Basil,  said, “Rest in peace, my friend. You have been very talented throughout your career and a perfect friend and collaborator of mine.

Various talents of Bruno’ Pop N Taco’ Falcon:-

Along with filmmaking, he was a talented street-dancing pioneer, and he died at the age of 58; he had achieved so much in his career he had worked with the most famous actors, Michael Jackson and Janet Jackson, which itself the moment of many proud people are giving him condolence which includes The Beat Junkies’ D-Styles and Rhettmatic, B-Boy Crazy Legs, Rhettmatic and many more. He was a very talented actor and dancer. We all will remember him.

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