Charles Crooks: Who was he? What happened to him?

About Charles Crooks and statements given by his father

Charles Hew Crooks had spent many years preparing for his career as a pilot in Raleigh. Hew Crooks Senior said that his son was always dreaming of becoming a pilot.

“I don’t know,” Hew Crooks remarked. “We can’t handle it now, why I don’t know.”  On Saturday, Hew Crooks lost his eldest son unexpectedly.

“While still in school, he worked toward earning his pilot’s license for private use. When he was a sophomore, I believe he learned that “Hew Crooks posted a statement.  “A couple of weeks ago, he claimed he would never want to switch places with anyone. He felt at home in his current location.”

How did Charles Crooks die?

Reports of an emergency landing were received on Friday at Raleigh-Durham International Airport. It was a small plane, able to carry no more than ten people. The plane’s co-pilot, Charles Crooks, was on board for takeoff but not for landing.

At a house in Fuquay-Varina, Charles Crooks was discovered in the backyard. Tragically, he did not make it out of the plane crash alive.  WRAL News spoke with a family living in the Copain Cove area who said they were inside their house when they heard a huge bang outside.  Nothing was visible in their backyard, but cops quickly descended upon the neighborhood.  Charles Crooks was discovered that night, entangled in their garden trees.

Charles Crooks, according to investigators, either fell out of the plane or leaped out of it while it was in the air. He did not have a parachute.

His father responded, “I can’t imagine what occurred.” As the saying goes, “We’ll work it out.”  According to his father, Charles Crooks was a certified pilot and worked as a flight teacher for almost a year.  They are awaiting the results of the investigation into the circumstances surrounding his passing.

Charles Crooks: Who was he? What happened to him?

“When it comes to love and support, there is no family quite like ours. However, it does create a void here “, his dad remarked. “Don’t know. There is no time for us to absorb it now.”

Even though the other pilot was injured, he was able to land the jet successfully.  His release from a nearby hospital was announced on Friday night.

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