Children of Roozi Araghi, a victim of the Thunder River Rapids ride, will receive a private school tuition fee from Dreamworld.

About Roozbeh Roozi Araghi:

Roozbeh ‘Roozi’ Araghi, 38, and Luke Dorsett died when the ride’s water pump malfunctioned on October 25, 2016, forcing their large raft to capsize as water levels plummeted. The disaster also killed Dorsett’s sister, Kate Goodchild, and Sydney’s mother, Cindy Low. The women’s two young children escaped unscathed. Mr. Araghi contributed sperm to his cousin’s partner to help them have a family. He is the biological father of Zachary, 8, and Harrison, 4.

What happened after the tragic death of Roozi Araghi?

The Courier-Mail claimed that the children could be awarded damages if their “dependents” claim is handled in court. Ms. Dawson said the proposed amount was appropriate ‘, especially with our innovative family setup’. PropertyMe’s chief customer officer, Ms. Dawson, said the settlement reduced trial expenses and risks. Attorney Merridy Gordon, representing the boys, claimed in an affidavit that Ardent Leisure’s guilt is ‘not really in doubt, given the Coroner’s Court findings. Nicki Araghi and Sarah Dawson with kids Zachary and Harrison. Ardent Leisure was fined $3.6 million in September 2020 for the Thunder River Rapids accident. The Coroner’s Court found Dreamworld failed to ensure all aspects of safety and the ride constituted a significant risk’ to patrons. The coroner criticized Dreamworld’s ‘frighteningly inadequate’ systems at the inquest into four deaths. Ms. Dawson told the court last month that Mr. Araghi was a very active uncle’ who spent time with Zachary and agreed his sons should attend a private school.

‘Roozi wanted Nicki and me to raise the children, but he’d support them. We encouraged his participation,’ Ms. Dawson said. Ms. Dawson said Mr. Araghi wanted the boys to attend Sydney’s International Grammar School, which promotes same-sex couples.

Ms. Dawson said the boys will share the trust monies 60/40. Kate Goodchild and her brother Luke Dorsett, Mr. Araghi’s partner, were also killed. Queensland emergency services respond to the 2016 Gold Coast theme park incident. Harrison will get more because he hasn’t started school yet. 12 September is the court date. Daily Mail Australia has contacted Ms. Dawson, Ms. Araghi, and their lawyer. Ms. Dawson and Ms. Araghi, an IT executive, have been together for 12 years and live in Sydney’s inner west. Mr. Araghi worked at the Australian Bureau of Statistics in Canberra, while Mr. Dorsett worked on the organ donation register. Simon Araghi praised his younger sibling in 2018 as a kind brother and handsome uncle. Simon said of his 13-year-old son’s uncle, ‘He’s great.’ He was so much more. He’s unfathomable. His presence was obvious.

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