Did Troy Landry undergo back surgery? Troy Landry Wiki, Age, Biography

Troy Landry confirmed through a Facebook post that he had back surgery in 2021. 

Reality shows Swamp People member Troy Landry had surgery last year. Here is how his condition is now; he revealed this surgery via a Facebook post. 

Who is Troy Landry? Did he undergo back surgery?

A 65-year-old alligator hunter Troy Landry has undergone prostate surgery recently. He revealed his surgery through his Facebook post and confirmed that the surgery was a success. He is excited to return to the American reality show Swamp people. In the U.S, most people have Prostate cancer; in worse situations, the person may even die. He had surgery to avoid facing any further consequences and to get rid of a bulging disc. 

A bulging disc is caused by degeneration in the back, which leads to severe back pain. Troy Landry has three sons named Chase, Brandon, and Jacob. Two of Troy’s sons are on the show Swamp People with him. The best part about Swamp people is seeing him and his sons perform together. Troy Landry was born on 9 June 1960. Troy underwent this surgery on 29 November 2021. His wife’s name is Bernita Landry. Two of Troy’s sons are in their 30s, and one is in his 40s; according to the sources, one of his sons is adopted; Troy Landry is also active on social media, where he posts prank videos with his sons.

What is Troy Landry’s net worth?

Troy Landry works in a famous American reality show, Swamp People, so it’s obvious that he makes a lot through it. He started his career as an alligator hunter and is well-known for it. He has also begun a gas station, seafood restaurant, and store in Louisiana. Including all his incomes and side incomes, his net worth is around $2 to $5 million. 

He has been on Swamp People for decades; he joined the show on 22 August 2010, when it was first aired on television. Since then, it was Troy’s hand behind the fame of Swamp People.

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