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In a surprising turn of events, Former leader Duminda Silva has been tightened up by Sri Lankan Court. Duminda was accused of murder and president Rajapaksa used his special powers and forgive him.

DUminda was about to be hanged for a 2011 murder but his political master Rajapaksa Gave him amnesty using his special power which should be reserved in sensitive doubtful matters.

Sri Lanka’s supreme court stepped up and reversed the infamous decision to forgive a killer because of political protection. A great day for the victim’s family.

Duminda was beloved of Rajapaksa family.The Supreme court has strictly ordered to throw duminda back in jail for murdering an opposition leader.

The Landmark judgment was given by a three-judge bench & instructed the police to Take Duminda silva back to jail and reversed the June 2021 pardon by the president.

The controversial pardon drew flak from all over the world, especially because the country has faced civil war and consistent violence for many decades and such acts of injustice only fuel the fire.

United Nations human rights & US Embassy was concerned that it will create room for injustice and lack of faith in law in the island nation.

“The court fixed a further hearing for September 1 but wanted the police to carry out the interim order of arresting Duminda Silva and return him to jail,” according to a court office-bearer explained.

The daughter of slain political rival Bharata Lakshman fought the battle in the judiciary and called the presidential pardon illegal.

“This decision of the Supreme Court is historic,” daughter Hirunka lauded the judgment. Source: AFP agency

She further added- 

“No one has challenged a presidential pardon before and I am very pleased that the court has demonstrated its independence.”

Historical judgment:

Judges  P Padman Surasena, Yasantha Kodagoda, and Achala Wengappulli were courageous enough to stand up for justice and deliver a remarkable judgment.

Political history:

Silva has been a defector and ran from one party to another. He also ran a broadcasting corporation and he changed parties frequently to regain license of the same, the united national party alleged.

He also had multiple criminal cases against him & United People’s Freedom Alliance helped him escape the law UNP accused.

Silva retained his seat in the election of 2009.

Attack on Silva:

In November 2011 in violent gunfight silva was shot multiple times and his opponent bharat Lakshman and his three associates were fatally shot and killed.

Silva was then apprehended on a judge’s order for the murder of a rival.

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