Ex-British army officer- Jordan Gatley was shot dead in Severodonetsk during the fighting.

A former British army officer died in a battle while fighting with the Russian army in Severodonetsk city in Ukraine. His father declared his son a brave hero on social media. 

Jordan dead

Jordan Gatley was the second British army who died in Ukraine during fighting against Russia. Previously Jordan was appointed as a Soldier in the British region. But in the 2022 month of March, he left the British army and showed his interest that he served others countries, too, in their tough time. 

So after he left the British army, je joined the Ukraine army when Russia was attacking Ukraine with full force, and Ukraine was helpless. At that time, he joined there to serve his responsibility for Ukraine. After being appointed as a Ukraine Soldier for 3 months, he died during a fight with the Russian army in Severodonetsk city. 

Ex-British army officer

Gatley’s Family members, teammates, and Ukraine govt. reaction to his death

Jordan Gatley was a brave soldier who always did his duties with full responsibility and actively. His death was unfortunate, and everyone was sad about this news. According to his family, they said that the news of Gatley’s death was very shocking, and his teammates called us and gave the message that Jordan was noore with us; he died in fighting with the Russian army. On a Facebook post, Jordan Gatley’s father called him a hero. 

His father shared a Facebook post where he said his son had been assisting with training local forces. He said Jordan was shot dead on the front lines while protecting the city, and they found out about his death on Friday. His teammates said that Jordan was a brave soldier; he changed many people’s lives and saved many people during the Russia and Ukraine wars. He has always been a great hero for us. 

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