How did Andres Castaneda die? What happened to Andres Castaneda?

The real estate agent Andres Castaneda died at 27

Andres Castaneda was declared dead on Facebook by one of his family friends on the 27th of July. He was a real estate agent. He was a well-known person in his locality as per his profession. He was a nice human being and sort of gentleman.

How did Andres Castaneda die?

The real estate agent was declared dead on the 27th of July. It’s official when one of his family friends wrote his sorrow on Andres’s official Facebook page. From that, we get to know that he is no more. This news has made all the family members and relatives torn from inside. 

They still cannot believe this news. Although the reason for his death is not yet clear. As this news is fresh and everything has happened just in the past two days, the family is devastated and in shock because of that.

They don’t want any information to get out in public until they are unclear about the whole situation and do not get over it. We understand their sorrow and pain. We are with them in this tough phase of their life. 

Hence, we respect the decision they have made. Everyone from his family and friends has shown their sorrow in real life and those who couldn’t be able to be present with them at this moment have shown it on social media. It shows, either way, they are with them.

Tribute Andres Castaneda received:

Andres is being remembered now as a kind and gentle man. His dear people are with his family at this moment. The family is receiving lots of emotional and mental support to help them get through this trauma. 

Even though the family hasn’t been cleared yet about the whole death situation, they have said that they will inform them about the funeral and other things that will take place regarding him. And also said they are overwhelmed by all the support and condolence they have received.

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