How did Aparna Mohile die? What happened to Aparna Mohile?

Aparna Mohile died at the age of 79

It is essential for all of us, especially the upcoming youths, to know about important figures like Aparna Mohile. She was a Former Censor Board Chairperson who passed away on Wednesday, and losing her is just like losing an amazing and talented gem of our country. 

By knowing all this, the person who might not be her close one or family is feeling sad because of the demise of Aparna Mohile, who had served our country with a whole heart and is leaving this world now. 

It is the most disappointing news we are hearing because these kinds of people who decide to serve the nation are very few.

Some personal facts about the life of Aparna Mohile:-

Her full name is Aparna Satishchandra Mohile, and she died on Wednesday at the age of 79 after a brief illness. She has achieved much in her professional career, including being former Chairperson of the Central Board of Film Inspection and censor board. 

She was also the author of Censor and Sansar. Her residence is Dahala Pradhikaran, located in Yamunanagar, and her funeral is held at three pm. She is from Vidarbha, and she was the first girl in the matriculation examination, after which she completed her education till the degree of MA.

She was a great example for all the girls:-

She sets a very good standard for girls to look up to in their careers. She tells every girl that they can achieve anything with all the hard work by giving her an example, and when we talk about her interest, she is interested in literary writing. 

In 1978, she was selected as Divisional Officer of the Board of Film Censors, and she had many friends and a good bond with many famous people. Their names are Vandana Witankar, directors Vijaya Mehta, etc., and she retired from administrative services after serving 37 years.

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