How did Dr Paul Hannam Die? What happened to Dr Paul Hannam?

Dr Paul Hannam: The chief of medicine, died.

Nowadays, the death rate increases when a person is running or stretching. Maybe they may not know the correct way, or their body starts not responding. It is called an emergency when one person suddenly dies while doing this kind of athlete’s work, and the same happens with dr Paul Hannam, who died while running. 

He was famous, so everyone who knows him through work or personal is aware of his behavior and talent, so they praised him in the tribute and are sad and heartbroken at his death. 

Know how he died while running:-

Yes, this is weird, but it’s the reality that he died because he was running. The reason could be anything. It could be a heart attack or something else we can not say about the human body as we do not know what is going wrong inside our body. 

When we talked about me, Paul, he was the chief of emergency medicine and programmed medical director of North York General Hospital. And he suddenly died on Saturday. One of his fellow emergency physicians, Dr Howard Ovens, said he suddenly collapsed while running. 

Some tweets of people for Dr. Paul Hannam:-

Howard Ovens said that Paul was a coma, compassionate, gentle man, family, thoughtful, and sweet and died suddenly while running. North York General Hospital also tweeted that their heart is heavy as they remember their colleague and friend. 

They added that they could say he is a highly devoted and trusted one who is dedicated to his patients and colleagues. President and CEO Sarah Downey said he was a wonderful person who spent many years serving our community. Most people had raised him for his devotion.

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