How did Jered Barclay die? What happened to Jered Barclay?

Veteran screen and voice actor Jered Barclay dies of leukemia at 91.

Jered Barclay, a renowned veteran theater and film performer who found the perfect profession as more than just a TV voice-over specialist for shows such as The Smurfs and The Transformers, had already passed away. He turned 91 this year. 

According to his lifelong mate Myra Turley, Barclay died on July 23 of MDS leukemia in North Hollywood, California. Bought into life on November 22, 1930, in Seattle, Barclay started his professional career in show biz just at the age of 3, appearing in vaudeville alongside Judy Garland, Shirley Temple, and Sammy Davis Jr. He began working in broadcasting at the age of six and joined the Clyde Beatty Circus at the age of 12.

The momentous career of the legendary:

His film professional debut in the 1940s and 1950s, with nothing but an uncredited part portraying Frank Sinatra’s, weirded fellow druggie inmate in 1955’s The Man with the Golden Arm. 

While acting there in 1958 Roger Corman’s science fiction film War of the Satellites, he appeared on Television programs such as Alfred Hitchcock Presents, Cheyenne, The Gray Ghost, and many others.

Barclay relocated to New York in 1962 to appear in 2 different Edward Albee productions somewhere at Cherry Lane Moviehouse: Zoo Story and The Young Man in the American Dream. The next year, he co-starred in Next Time I’ll Sing to You at the same Phoenix Theater alongside Estelle Parsons and James Earl Jones. Barclay performed on Stage in Marat Sade (1963) as well as a Patriot for Me (1969.

List of the famous movies Jered voiced for:

He established a new profession as a voice actor for cinematic Television programs such as Trollkins, The Little Rascals, Richie Rich, Pole Position, and Foofur in the 1980s and early 1990s. 

He also portrayed Cerebros and other creatures in further than once quarter segments of The Transformers, which aired from 1984 to 1987. He notably provided vocal work for the cartoon movie Paddington Bear.

In the 1980s, Barclay launched a professional center, engaging with artists he encountered through theaters, such as Johnny Depp, Liza Minnelli, Lily Tomlin, Patrick Swayze, and Josh Brolin.

By much of the 1990s, he had broadened his horizons and established himself as a foreign travel cinematographer, having covered all continents and 108 nations for 27 periodicals.

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